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The Hijacking of “Natural Horsemanship”


2018-02-13T13:18:02+00:00 By |Horse Training|0 Comments

I acknowledge there is a large group of horse owners, trainers, and horse enthusiasts in the world today who follow Natural Horsemanship techniques (I teach and utilize many of these techniques, methods, and theories myself), which encourage the horse’s own natural instincts and behaviors, and focus on pain-free and fear-free methods of training horses. However, [...]



2018-02-13T13:17:15+00:00 By |Horse Training|2 Comments

I came across an interesting comment on a Reata Ranch Facebook ( post recently. The post was a short video of my first ride with Rufus — a horse considered highly dangerous, unpredictable, and untrainable — in the Arizona desert. It was a wonderful and successful ride where Rufus began learning to navigate the [...]

“As Long As It’s a Farm That Doesn’t Hurt Animals”


2018-02-13T13:16:45+00:00 By |Ranch, Reata Ranch|0 Comments

As many of you know, we have a working sheep and cattle ranch (Earth Sheep Farms and Reata Ranch) in southwestern Colorado, where we raise thousands of sheep and hundreds of cattle for food and fiber.  Today, and throughout this week, we are pushing/driving/herding those sheep for 5 to 6 days in order to reach [...]