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Horses are beautiful, magnificent, and powerful animals, and can be great partners to their owners.  However, they can also be very dangerous due to their size, weight, speed, and being “fight-or-flight” prey animals.  Understanding horse behavior and knowing what to do to avoid and/or correct any dangerous behavior is what we specialize in. 

At Reata Horsemanship, SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY AND PREPARATION IS THE KEY.  Preparing the horse for any interaction with the human owner is key to being safe around and on the horse.  We provide the education and tools necessary to create and maintain that safe and fun-filled relationship between you and your horse.  This includes 1-on-1 consultations and clinics with horse owners with “problem” horses or who want to improve their horsemanship skills. We also train horses and mules for owners, and we sell well-trained horses to qualified buyers.

Services: Please Contact Us for more information

  • 1-on-1 Consultations
    • Horse owners will receive a 2-hour evaluation, training, and consultation with extended education and follow up (including a written home training/maintenance program) to ensure horse and rider/owner safety and progression.
    • Private Facebook Group
      • Consultations also include private membership to our closed Facebook group with additional videos, commentary, education, and camaraderie with other horse owners and enthusiasts.
  • Clinics (TBD)
    • Multiple participant clinics in Arizona and Colorado will be coming soon!
  • Horse training
    • We offer training packages ranging from refinement training, ground and under-saddle manners training, desensitizing, and specialty training such as trailer loading, trail riding, water crossing, etc.
    • Training can be as short as 1 week up to multiple months as necessary for the horse.
    • We also perform bi-annual (or as needed) training and education maintenance necessary to help your horse maintain optimal safety performance.*
    • We accept “problem” horses whose behavior ranges from minor to extreme and dangerous.
  • Education
    • We offer a variety of educational materials including safety training manuals and courses, education through the Consultations and online private Facebook group, and online training and educational videos.

*One major shortfall of most horse training programs is the lack of education and continued maintenance training for riders and horses.  A well-trained, “bomb-proof” horse can turn into a dangerous bolting, rearing, and/or bucking horse without the correct owner education and maintenance.  Time and time again, we have “dangerous” horses donated to us who were once considered “safe”, “kid safe”, and “bomb-proof”. These horses ended up hurting their owners.  It wasn’t for lack of the horse initially being trained well and safe.  It was for lack of owner education and continued training and maintenance that led to the dangerous situations.  At Reata Horsemanship, we take pride in our educational training programs that help ensure longevity of horse safety and good, healthy, and happy horse and owner relationships.

Products: Please Contact Us for more information

  • Horses for Sale
    • We offer a number of well-trained horses for sale that could be used in a variety of disciplines.  These horses have been trained using Reata Horsemanship techniques, theories, and philosophies, guaranteeing high levels of desensitizing, manners and respect, thus improving horse and rider safety.  Please call, text, or email us for details.
  • Training Equipment/Tack – Coming Soon!  Ask us about our latest equipment and tack that will make owning and training horses more effective and safe.


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